incense burner – Throat Chakra Tuning Fork


Throat Chakra Tuning Fork
This light blue throat chakra tuning fork comes with its very own pouch, a 7″ mallet and is stamped at 141.27 Hz. which coincides with the thirtieth octave and the note of C.

Tuning forks are a mild acoustic sound remedy and the vibration of this fork is tuned to the throat chakra located within the center of the front part of your neck.

when your throat chakra is open, flowing and balanced you’ll be capable to talk your truth more freely, have extra creative suggestion and extra self-self belief.

For pleasant consequences tap the tuning fork over the throat chakra and pass it in a circular motion or simply keep in the hand because the vibration will intuitively know wherein to headthis can create a smooth energy waft and a extra balanced harmonious kingdom in the throat chakra.

Tuning fork clothmetal
Tuning fork lengtheight inches
Frequency: 141.27 Hz
colorlight blue
Mallet length: 7 inches