incense burner – Solar Plexus Chakra Tuning Fork


solar Plexus Chakra Tuning Fork
This yellow solar plexus chakra tuning fork comes with its very own pouch, a 7″ mallet and is stamped at 126.22 Hz. which coincides with the 8th octave.
Tuning forks are a mild acoustic sound therapy and the vibration of this fork is tuned to the solar plexus chakra situated approximately 2 inches above the stomach button.
whilst your sun plexus chakra is open, flowing, and balanced you will have greater self motivation, be greater extroverted and appear your desires extra without problems.
For satisfactory effects tap the tuning fork over the sun plexus chakra and circulate it in a round motion or simply keep within the hand due to the fact the vibration will intuitively recognise in which to movethis may create a smooth strength flow and a more balanced harmonious nation in the sun plexus chakra.
Tuning fork fabricmetallic
Tuning fork lengtheight inches
Frequency: 126.22 Hz
color: Yellow
Mallet length: 7 inches