Shungite Crystal Mini Pyramids – Set Of 3


Shungite Crystal Mini Pyramids – Set Of 3
Shungite is stated to be the “miracle stone” or “the stone of existence”, known for its first-rate restoration and power protection houses, balancing mind and feelings, and activating the restoration system in the frame.

the use of the efficiency of pyramid magic with the non secular homes of shungite, this small pyramid let you cut via confusion and convey readability into your life.

possibly the most crucial shungite stone advantage lies in its ability to neutralize the unnatural ‘electrosmog’ frequencies coming from ever-present technologies including wifi, computers and cell phones. Set these mini pyramids on or close to any tech gadgets in your private home or work area.

Width: 1.25″ each
peak: 1″ each
Weight: 17g every
colour: Black
material: Shungite