Sacral Chakra Tuning Fork


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Sacral Chakra Tuning Fork
This orange sacral chakra tuning fork comes with its very own pouch, a 7″ mallet and is stamped at 210.forty two Hz. which coincides with the twenty ninth octave and the notice of G.

Tuning forks are a mild acoustic sound remedy and the vibration of this fork is tuned to the sacral chakra located approximately 2 inches beneath the stomach button.

whilst your sacral chakra is open, flowing, and balanced you’ll be greater in touch together with your sexuality and emotions, and be capable of take greater pride inside the less complicated matters in lifestyles.

For nice results tap the tuning fork over the sacral chakra and flow it in a circular movement or simply keep within the hand because the vibration will intuitively recognise wherein to headthis could create a smooth strength go with the flow and a more balanced harmonious state within the sacral chakra.

Tuning fork materialmetal
Tuning fork length8 inches
Frequency: 210.42 Hz
coloration: Orange
Mallet period: 7 inches