Root Chakra Tuning Fork


Root Chakra Tuning Fork

This red root chakra tuning fork comes with its very own pouch, a 7″ mallet and is stamped at 194.18 Hz. which coincides with the twenty fourth octave and the tone of G.

Tuning forks are a mild acoustic sound therapy and the vibration of this fork is tuned to the root chakra located at the bottom of your backbone.

whilst your root chakra is open and flowing easily it provides your physical frame a feel of properly being and the sensation of being grounded, centered, and in control.

For great effects tap the tuning fork over the root chakra and flow it in a circular movement or simply hold within the hand because the vibration will intuitively know where to headthis can create a easy electricity glide and a greater balanced harmonious country within the root chakra.

Tuning fork clothsteel
Tuning fork lengtheight inches
Frequency: 194.18 Hz
Mallet period: 7 inches