Copper Charging Pyramid Energy Amplifier


Copper Charging Pyramid strength Amplifier
amplify the useful outcomes you already get from your crystals, stones, bracelets, jewelry and orgonite, for a distinction you could experience. A copper charging pyramid additionally clears and dissipates ‘stuck’ or bad strength those objects may also have amassed.

How Copper Charging Pyramids paintings

Pyramids were widely recognized all through history as powerful energy generators and copper is a widely known electricity conductor. together they invent an unseen energetic area that reacts with crystals and stones producing amplification and clearing homes.

A pyramid’s shape is what makes it able to harness and emit these energies by way of way of its special Sacred Geometric design in which the bottom and aspects correspond to the Golden Ratio called ‘Phi’ (1.618).

it’s been established thru medical research that because of this ‘Golden Ratio’ design pyramids are able to naturally produce and radiate torsion fields that emanate its useful effects.

the way to Use A Copper Charging Pyramid

simply vicinity your favored crystals, stones and orgonite (which includes bracelets and other ringsinside the copper pyramid for numerous hours.

And if you need to turn the charging powers up a notch, use 1 or all three of the following tips:

location the gadgets to fee on a crystal grid under the copper pyramid.
factor a nook of the copper pyramid to the North, to align with the cardinal directions, (that’s how the exquisite Pyramids and different well-known pyramids had been constructed) for extra active amplification outcomes.
location the copper pyramid wherein it is going to be inside the moonlight (particularly on a complete moon) and allow your objects rate overnight.
cloth: Copper
Pyramid width: 6×6 inches
Pyramid height5 inches