Amethyst Raw Crystal Energy Generator For Sale


Amethyst raw Crystal power Generator
A crystal energy generator, through way of its design, serves to amplify the useful homes of the crystals from which it’s miles made. on this opulent generator it is the soothing and lustrous Amethyst crystal.

Amethyst is a violet-colored crystal with a serene electricity and excellent healing attributes that include dissipating poor vibes, promoting spiritual attention and improving ordinary nicely-being.

you may area this fashionable and interesting object on an cease desk in your home or a desk to your paintings area. Crystal power turbines additionally make the appropriate focal point and centerpiece for Crystal Grids. Of courseit is also a tremendous device for meditation, strength restoration and uplifting your mood.

material: 1 uncooked Amethyst crystal and 4 Amethyst crystal factors
extra materialsteel
Weight: 44g
overall size3×3 inches