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Amethyst Pyramid power Generator
The shape of a pyramid is a shape of Golden Ratio Sacred Geometry this is scientifically validated to harness, take inmake clear and disperse energy based at the materials from which it’s far made. In this example it’s far the sacred and excellent Amethyst crystal.

Amethyst is a violet-coloured crystal with a serene power and fantastic restoration attributes that encompass dissipating negative vibes, promoting non secular consciousness and enhancing normal well-being.

you may vicinity this elegant and fascinating item on an stop table in your private home or a desk on your paintings space. Crystal power mills also make an appropriate focal point and centerpiece for Crystal Grids. Of routeit is also a terrific tool for meditation, energy recuperation and uplifting your mood.

material: 1 Amethyst crystal pyramid and four Amethyst crystal points
additional clothsteel
Weight: 29g
total length3×3 inches